GiGi Cloth Epilating Roll for Hair Waxing/Hair Removal, 50 yards

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GiGi Cloth Epilating Roll for Hair Waxing/Hair Removal, 50 yards

Soft And Smooth Epilating Cloth

GiGi Cloth Epilating Roll is a 50-yard nonwoven epilating roll that’s ideal for all your soft waxing needs. Have a soft feeling with a smooth surface for convenience. GiGi’s professional-grade, certified wax strips will not tear when you use them to remove hair, thick and durable. It also offers a fine grade texture for maximum absorption with an aesthetically-pleasing, clean appeal.

Pain-Free And Hygenic Face And Body Hair Waxing

These hair wax strips paper is clean and pain-free, keep waxing healthy and sanitary. Made for all soft hair removal waxes, this set of hair removal wax strips is ideal for waxing all areas of your body. This epilating roll can be used anytime and anywhere, friendly for zero experience waxing beginner. GiGi Cloth Epilating Roll is also highly effective when it comes to removing unwanted hairs. It pulls off those hairs easily without breaking them and it’s durable that it won’t easily tear as it gently pulls those bothersome hairs out for a less painful waxing.

Convenient And Portable

Take this epilating waxing roll to your travel, even for temporary outdoor play. Don’t worry about have not gotten hair removal yet, just take out our strip together with the soft wax, you can quickly remove unwanted hair, convenient, fast and easy to carry! Simply apply the wax to the area, immediately press the strip flat on the wax and press until it strongly adheres onto the wax layer, then tear the strip off! Save a lot on your waxing budge, too! It can be cut into a large strip to a small patch to fit in the area that you’re waxing. This way, you can have both large and small waxing strips for body and face in one roll without wasting any of it. You just get as much as you need!


3″ x 50 yds

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