30 Second Easy Track Weft Sealer Dark 1 oz

Made in USA

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30 Second Easy Track Weft Sealer Dark

Salon Pro 30 Seconds Easy track Weft Sealer is designed to seal wefts or tracks of hair in order to help eliminate and prevent hair shedding.

Easy Track Weft SealerTM is a revolutionary item which guarantees NO Shedding of tracks or wefts. This ground-breaking product can satisfy the needs of both human hair users and those who sell hair products. Very Economical: Easy Track Weft Sealer’s NO Shedding guarantee provides protection for the long-term investment of purchased hair. Provides a High level of Freedom-WATERPROOF: Easy Track Weft Sealer users do NOT need to worry about shedding or loss of hair during situations such as rain, swimming, partying, workouts or other physical activities.

Salon Pro is a line of products designed to satisfy the needs of these who use hair bonding removers, a variety of products to take care of the weave extension or wig wearer and products to extend and revitalize the life of wigs, weaves and extensions

Made in USA

1 oz

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